5 Stamped Concrete Installation Tips

24 June 2021
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Stamped concrete can take boring patio or driveway paving from unmemorable to gorgeous. If you are installing new pavement and want to have it stamped with an attractive design, the following tips can help ensure that the process looks good for many years to come.  1. Focus on the Base Preparation Although you won't see it after installation, the base is the single most important part of the entire paving project. Read More 

Why Use Concrete Slab Cutting Services In Your Home Improvement Project

24 May 2021
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Are you doing a home improvement project where you have to cut and shape concrete? Concrete slab cutting is very challenging when you don't have the proper tools. It is a technical task that is risky and in which several things can go wrong. It is advisable not to do DIY concrete cutting. You could also damage the surrounding structure. The smart thing to do is engage a concrete slab cutting service to handle this part of your construction project. Read More 

3 Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Concrete Contractor

26 April 2021
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Concrete contractors can help you when constructing or renovating your commercial building. They will handle most of the processes, such as setting the foundation, building, or repairing walls and concrete pavements. It is not wise to allow untrained personnel to perform these processes because they can negatively impact your construction. The following are three benefits of hiring a commercial concrete contractor.   1. Experience and Knowledge Commercial concrete contractors are experienced as they have handled many projects and worked with many clients before. Read More 

ICFs (Insulated Concrete Forms) FAQ Answered For You

7 April 2021
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Contractors mainly use insulated concrete forms in constructing foundation walls in storied buildings. However, these materials are becoming increasingly popular in building other types of walls. You can use them in new construction or a remodeling project. If you are thinking of using ICF, you probably have many unanswered questions. Keep reading to get some answers to your questions.  1. What Is ICF?  ICF refers to construction blocks made from two polystyrene foam walls separated by concrete poured between these walls. Read More