How To Remove Concrete Slabs

10 December 2015
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Many landscaping jobs involve the process of concrete breaking. Removing concrete slabs is definitely a heavy duty job that will require a good amount of labor, lifting and hammering. However, with the right tools, you can easily accomplish the task and save yourself a lot of money in the process. If you can, have a friend help you with the task as it will require a fair amount of time depending on the size of the area.


There are some tools and materials you'll need to accomplish this job, which can be bought or rented at your local hardware store. The largest and most important tools include a jackhammer, a sledgehammer and an angle grinder to remove the concrete and the steel reinforcements. You'll also need a shovel, a wheel barrow, protective goggles, protective headwear and some good noise preventing ear covers, as this is a noisy job.

Before you begin removing large slabs of concrete you need to first be sure that you are not working above any foundational structures on your home. Additionally, be sure that there are no utilities like water or electric nearby that you could damage.

Removing the concrete

The process starts with your jackhammer. Start in the corner of the area you are planning on removing. Hold your jackhammer tightly with both hands and at a slight angle push it down into the concrete slab. The jackhammer will easily drill itself into the concrete and fracture the surface allowing you to remove it. Remember not to bury the jackhammer head into the concrete surface as you can easily get it stuck. 

To make the removal process easier, chip away pieces that are small enough for you to pick up and transfer in your wheel barrow. Work slowly and in a grid formation from side to side, removing piece by piece. When using a jackhammer, be sure to use the lift assist to help you work efficiently and avoid injury. Remember, jackhammers are very heavy and can be difficult to operate for your first time.

After you break off the pieces with your jackhammer, use your sledgehammer to break the pieces free, making them easy to remove and place in your wheel barrow.

You'll most likely run into some kind of steel reinforcements underneath your concrete and when you do, simply use your angle grinder to cut the pieces away. Dispose of the concrete in your local trash yard. A local contractor can also help you with your concrete breaking needs.