How To Create A Beautiful Backyard

15 December 2015
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Are you creating a design for a backyard in your brand new home, or are you planning to make changes in your existing one?  Either way, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a yard that will be pretty enough to be in a gardening or decorating magazine.

A good way to begin your design is to establish different points of interest in your yard. Buy decorative concrete stepping stones that will connect the different areas of your yard. Selecting concrete stepping stones with a garden design will add a pretty touch. Choose stepping stones with things like butterflies, frogs, flowers or hummingbirds in the design. Precast concrete stepping stones are very affordable and will last a very long time. They're also easy to care for, as all you have to do to clean them is wash them off with water from your garden hose.

Planting Beds - One beautiful look would be to establish beds that will combine different types of plants with vegetables. For example, mixing plants like ferns, succulents, tall grasses and rose bushes with kale, asparagus and eggplants would add real interest to flower beds. Adding large rocks on which you can place different sizes and styles of potted plants will make the planting beds even more dramatic. 

Garden Decor - A separate point of interest would be the placing of garden decor. A two or three-tiered outdoor fountain surrounded by potted plants and decorative birds would be perfect. Hang birdhouses and plants with ferns, bougainvillea, and other flowers to add color to your yard. 

An Entertainment Area - Designate part of your backyard for entertaining. A faux painted concrete floor for the entertainment area would be great. If you are not artistic yourself, hire an artist that will give the concrete the look of brick, flagstone, wood, pebble stones, marble, field flowers or almost anything else your mind can imagine. Concrete is perfect for outdoor entertainment because it is very affordable and it will last for a very long time. Contact a company like R Pepin & Sons Inc for more information regarding ready-mix concrete.

Furniture - When you are selecting the furniture for your entertainment area, consider rustic wood or wrought iron as they both weather well. Another idea is to establish a concrete table and concrete benches. Add outdoor cushions to make the benches more comfortable. Choose a small table and chairs for little children to have picnics and tea parties. Don't forget rocking chairs, which will be a perfect place for visiting and relaxing.

Establishing your beautiful backyard is obviously a lot of work. Set aside days for your backyard project and invite friends to help you with the work.