2 Things You Should Know About Concrete Cutting Saws

31 December 2015
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Concrete cutting is something you may need to do as part of your construction business duties. You may need to cut concrete to lay down a new sidewalk or driveway, or even tear down concrete walls in a basement as part of a remodel. A concrete saw is beneficial to breaking through concrete and creating clean cuts and is something that can be very beneficial to you. Learn 2 things you should know about concrete saws so you can have the most success with your projects.

Know your blades

Your concrete cutting saw can provide a lot of different functions. You need to make sure you use the right blade for each project so you can have the best results. A diamond blade is ideal for cutting clean scores or decorative etching into concrete (such as scoring sidewalks), while concrete blades are used for cutting completely through concrete for removal or repair. Each category of blades has several types of blades to help you complete a variety of projects. For example, a supreme concrete blade is intended for hard concrete with rebar in it, while a standard blade is for cutting through basic concrete.

Asphalt and combination blades are also available for you to use with your concrete saw. It's wise to have several blades for your saw(s) available for each project so you can get the most beneficial use out of your machine.

Know saw maintenance

Your saw needs to be cleaned after every use to prevent slurry from accumulating in the blade and along the sides of the unit. Every time you cut concrete, dust and condensation can gather on your unit, which can gunk up the machine if you don't clean it often. You can do this easily by power washing your concrete saw or simply hosing it down after every use. You should also check your saw often to make sure its arbor shaft isn't bent and that the blade is in good condition. When storing your concrete saw, always place it in its original case to prevent accidental injury.

When you run a construction business, there will likely be a time in which using a concrete saw is beneficial to your project. From understanding the different types of blades you can use for your saw to the best way to maintain your machine for longevity, you can improve every concrete project with a concrete cutting saw. Talk to a specialist in tools to see which blades will work best for your ongoing concrete cutting needs.