4 Tips To Prevent Accidents On Your Home's Concrete Steps

1 January 2016
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Concrete steps are a great choice for any home -- they're affordable, they look great and they last for a long time. However, you might worry about you, one of your kids or a guest slipping and falling. Falling on concrete can certainly be painful, but luckily, there are a few ways that you can help avoid any accidents.

1. Have Them Installed Properly

First and foremost, you should make sure that your concrete steps are installed properly in the beginning. If they are poured incorrectly -- such as if the concrete isn't mixed properly -- then they can be more apt to crack and crumble, which can make accidents more likely. One good alternative is to purchase precast concrete steps -- they are made in a factory setting and professionals check the steps for stability and other quality issues. Not only can this help prevent trips and falls, but it can also help you enjoy a higher-quality, more consistent and more durable product.

2. Install a Railing

Don't just go with concrete steps -- make sure that you have a railing installed. You can purchase concrete steps that come with a stainless steel, wood or other type of railing, or you can have one installed after the fact. Either way, having something to grab onto can help prevent slips and falls.

3. Have Cracks and Crumbles Repaired Promptly

Even though good-quality concrete steps are designed to last, there is always a chance that cracks and crumbles can appear, particularly as your steps age. If you notice them, make sure that you have them repaired by a concrete professional as soon as possible. Cracks, crumbles and other inconsistencies in your steps can cause you to slip and fall. Plus, they make your concrete steps look outdated and can get worse over time.

4. Keep Them Clear of Debris

Sweep your concrete steps on a regular basis to get rid of any debris that might cause a slip. Also, consider keeping flower pots and other items off of the steps and displaying them on the porch or elsewhere to prevent slips and falls. Another important step to take is to add salt or scrape your steps regularly during the winter season to help prevent winter weather-related slips and falls.

The idea of slipping and falling on your hard concrete steps can be quite scary, but you shouldn't let this prevent you from investing in them. Instead, just make sure that you follow these four steps so that you, your family members and your guests all stay safe. Visit http://www.unitstepjoliet.com for more information.