The Pros And Cons To Getting Concrete Countertops

22 November 2016
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If you are thinking about redoing your kitchen, you may be interested in all the different kinds of materials that countertops can be made of. One material that you might not have realized can make a good countertop is concrete. If you decide that concrete countertops are something that you may want to have, then you may wonder what the pros and cons are. 


It's easy to customize concrete. While the concrete is being mixed, various dye powders can be added to the mix. That will allow you to have countertops that will match the rest of your house with no problem. Other options for customizations include the edges. The edges of your counters can be shaped to match different profiles, so you can have countertops that will match already existing molding on walls or cabinets. Another customization option is to have inserts placed directly into the concrete while it's being poured. For example, you could have trivets placed in the concrete, if you wanted. 

Another pro to concrete countertops is that they are generally resistant to high heat. However, that may be affected by what kind of sealant that you choose to use on the countertop. If you used any kind of wax, then you shouldn't put a hot pan directly on the concrete, but otherwise, you should have no problem with heat. 

Concrete also ages nicely. It can create a nice patina as it ages, which can give your kitchen more character. 


There are some cons to having concrete countertops. One is that the counter will need to be sealed every few years. The more use it gets, the more often you are going to need to have it sealed. If you don't have it sealed or resealed, then you risk your countertops ending up stained. 

Another con that may deter you from getting concrete countertops is the price. They can be more expensive per square foot than some other materials. The more customizations you want on your countertops, the more expensive they are going to be because the countertop ends up being more work. 

There are all kinds of things that you can get your countertops made out of. One of those is concrete. They can be poured right on site, or the contractor may pour them at a workshop or outside and let the countertops cure there and then install them at your house.