Need To Sell Your Commercial Rental Property? First Impressions Are The Most Important

6 January 2017
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If you are ready to put rental property that is a commercial building up for sale, and it hasn't been maintained well over the years, there are some important changes to make. You may not want to stick a ton of money into the building since you want to sell it, but you have to be sure it looks good when people pull up.

First impressions are important, and if the building looks great on the outside when a buyer first gets a glance, they may be more willing to see past flaws on the inside. Here are some things you want to do.

Parking Lot Repair

You want the parking lot to look new. A parking lot asphalt paving company can come to your property and fill in all the holes and do minor repairs, and then add a fresh layer of asphalt to the space. They can also seal the existing asphalt if the repairs are minimal or if not a lot of work needs done. Fresh paint for parking spaces will also look good, and this change gives the impression that things were maintained over time. A company like A & S Pavement Maintenance can help.


Overgrown landscaping will scare people away. Have a professional lawn company come to cut the grass, pull weeds, treat weeds that exist, trim the trees and bushes, and to do any other work that will help make the property look nice. They can use a fertilizer to improve the color of the grass quickly if you have a lot of dead spots and damages.

Power Washing

A company that comes to power wash the outside of the building can remove grime and dirt to improve the look of siding, brick, doors, windows, and other areas like the sidewalk. Have the entire exterior of the building washed as much as possible, to see if you can get away with not having to paint the building.

There are a lot of different things that you want to do to help the property sell, but letting the buyers get a look at a nice clean and well-kempt property when they first pull in is important. Fix the problem areas you have on the inside as well if you want to get rid of the property quickly, and if you want to get top dollar for the property. There are so many ways that you can improve the building in a short amount of time.