2 Reasons Why You Should Not Tackle Cutting Your Garage's Concrete Floor Yourself

21 December 2020
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If you are planning to remodel your home's garage, you may have decided to remove a large section of its concrete floor. You may believe that all it will take to do this job is the right cutting blade for your saw, so you might be thinking about doing it yourself. However, there are a couple of reasons why you should reconsider cutting into the concrete yourself and should instead call in a professional to do it for you.

1.  You May Not Be Able to Control Your Exposure to Silica Dust  

One reason why you should leave the job of cutting into your garage's concrete floor to a professional service is that it increases your exposure to silica dust. As the blade runs through the concrete, it releases silica.

If you breathe in too much silica dust, it can settle inside of your lungs and cause scarring and fibrosis. Even if you wet the area to minimize the amount of dust in the air, you can still end up breathing it in.

However, if a service does the job for you, they have industrial-strength vacuums and filtration systems that are designed to pull the silica out of the air. This makes it safer for the workers and keeps the dust from contaminating your garage's air.

2.  You May Not Have the Experience to Deal with Kickbacks and Lock-Ins 

Another reason why you should not attempt tackling the job yourself is that you most likely do not have the experience needed to deal with kickbacks and locking-ins. While you may believe that the diamond blade simply slices through the concrete, there is a possibility that it may strike areas of thick, concentrated minerals. 

When the saw blade strikes a concentrated area of concrete, it may strike the area with such a force that it kicks back toward you. It may also become hung up in the material, making it lock in and become difficult to remove. A professional will know what to do and will minimize the risk of damage and injury.

While you may believe that you can successfully cut your garage's concrete floor yourself, you may expose yourself to harmful silica dust as well as lack the experience to handle problems that can arise while cutting through the material. Instead of exposing yourself to potential problems, contact a concrete cutting service to discuss your project so that they can give you options for having them complete the task for you