Repair Options For Your Damaged Foundation

24 February 2023
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While your home's foundation is extremely durable, it can still suffer failures. These issues can compromise the structural integrity of the building. Fortunately, there are ways to repair and address an unstable foundation.

Installing Additional Supports

Installing extra supports, such as support piers and columns, is one viable remedy to foundation difficulties. These supports can reinforce the foundation and distribute the weight of the building more evenly, reducing the risk of cracking and settling.

Contractors will first excavate the soil around the foundation to expose the footings. This allows them to install steel or concrete piers that extend deep into the ground to provide additional support. The piers are then attached to the foundation using brackets, which distribute the weight of the building along the entire length of the supports.

Improving The Drainage Near The Foundation

Water can be a significant threat to a building's foundation. If water is allowed to pool near the foundation, it can lead to erosion. This erosion can cause the foundation to shift and settle. Installing gutters and downspouts to deflect rainfall away from the foundation can help improve drainage. Foundation contractors can also regrade the soil around the foundation to create a slope away from the building. Lastly, you may install an active drainage system that pumps water away from the house.

Leveling The Foundation With Hydraulic Jacks

If a portion of the foundation has already begun to sag or settle, leveling the foundation with hydraulic jacks can be an effective solution. Hydraulic jacks are powerful tools that can raise the sagging portion of the foundation.

Raising the foundation allows contractors to insert a concrete mud mixture underneath to provide additional support and fill any gaps eroding soil caused. After the foundation is level, the contractors will drill a series of holes through the foundation. These holes provide a path for injecting a concrete and mud mixture that offers extra support and prevents future settling.

Replacing Sections Of The Pavement

If large foundation sections are damaged, they may need to be cut out and replaced. This can be a significant repair, but it is vital for maintaining the structural stability of the building. During this repair, the contractors likely need to excavate around the home to expose the damaged concrete. Cutting away the damaged concrete lets the contractors pour a fresh cement layer. This process will fully restore the integrity of the foundation. However, it will take multiple days to complete this extensive repair.

For more information, reach out to a foundation repair contractor near you.